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Abibrite 65 70 75 Abitibi Consolidated Inc.
Abinews Canary Abitibi Consolidated Inc.
Accent Opaque Offset & Cover International Paper Canada Inc.
Alternative Book Cream Abitibi Consolidated Inc.
Alternative Offset #3 Abitibi Consolidated Inc.
Aristocrat Bright White Private Brand
Astrobrights Wausau Papers
Boise MP Cover Boise Cascade
BriteHue International Paper Canada Inc.
Cascade Recyled Private Brand
Century Premium Opaque 20PC Domtar Inc.
Coho Opaque Domtar Inc.
Concorde Offset Rolland Inc.
Cool Offset M-Real Canada Ltd.
Cougar Natural Weyerhaeuser Co.
Cougar Opaque Weyerhaeuser Co.
Domtar Color Copy Cover Domtar Inc.
Domtar Color Copy Cover Domtar Colors
Domtar Colors Index Domtar Inc.
Domtar Colors Index Domtar Colors
Domtar Laser Opaque Cover Domtar Inc.
Eastern Opaque Eastern Paper
Eddy Featherweight Opaque Domtar Inc.
Equal Offset Abitibi Consolidated Inc.
Eureka! Opaque & Offset Georgia-Pacific Papers (West Coast)
Exact Color Copy Wausau Papers
Exact Offset Opaque Wausau Papers
Finch Color Copier Cover Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Finch Fine Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Finch Opaque Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Finch Reply Card Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Finch Vanilla Fine Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Finch Vanilla Opaque Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Glacier 92 Opaque Fraser Papers Inc.
Guardian Opaque Domtar Inc.
Halopaque Fraser Papers Inc.
Hammermill Color Copy Cover International Paper Canada Inc.
High Brite Newsprint Papiers NSC
HOTS Domtar Inc.
Husky Offset Weyerhaeuser Co.
Husky Offset Recycled Weyerhaeuser Co.
Impact Offset Private Brand
Island Hi-Bulk Offset Domtar Inc.
Island Offset Plus Domtar Inc.
Lynx Opaque Weyerhaeuser Co.
Lynx Opaque Recycled Weyerhaeuser Co.
Metro Offset Private Brand
Metroweb Private Brand
Microprint Colour Copier Cover Domtar Inc.
Microprint Cover Domtar Inc.
Mohawk Opaque Mohawk Paper Mills Inc.
Neutech Color Copy Cover Gilbert Paper Co.
New Life Opaque Rolland Inc.
New Life Opaque Repro Rolland Inc.
Newsprint Bowater Bowater
Northern Offset Private Brand
Northern Opaque Private Brand
Patrician Offset Opaque Private Brand
Plainfield Plus Domtar Inc.
Postal Reply Card Private Brand
Precision High Bulk Private Brand
Precision Offset & Opaque Private Brand
Printers Opaque Domtar Inc.
Rampart Opaque Domtar Inc.
Rockland Cover Rolland Inc.
Rockland Opaque Colours Rockland Vellum
Rockland Opaque Colours Rolland Inc.
Rolland Laser Hi-Tech Cover Rolland Inc.
Rolland Opaque Rolland Inc.
Rolland Opaque Cover Rolland Inc.
Rolland Opaque Natural Cover Rolland Inc.
Rolland Opaque Reply Card Rolland Inc.
Roosevelt Offset Private Brand
Roosevelt Opaque Offset Private Brand
Simpson Basketweave Security Paper Simpson Paper
Spectrum Offset Domtar Inc.
Springhill Opaque Offset Colours International Paper Canada Inc.
Tactic Reply Eastern Paper
Torchglow Opaque Recycled Fraser Papers Inc.
Unipaque Private Brand
Visa Offset Private Brand
Vista Opaque Domtar Inc.
Vista Ultra Domtar Inc.
Whitehall Offset Domtar Inc.
Williamsburg Offset International Paper Canada Inc.
Williamsburg Return Postcard International Paper Canada Inc.
Windsor Offset Domtar Inc.
Windsor Offset Recycled Domtar Inc.
Worx Offset Opaque Fraser Papers Inc.
Worx Offset Opaque Worx Vellum
Xerox Digital Laser Opaque Xerox