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Atlas Bond Neenah Paper
Boise Aspen Boise Cascade
Boise Aspen 100% Recycled Boise Cascade
Boise MP Brites Boise Cascade
Boise MP Colors Boise Cascade
Capitol Bond Fox River Paper Co.
Coast Copy Private Brand
Color Source Private Brand
Copysaver Private Brand
Copysource 20 Private Brand
Digital Color Xpressions+ Xerox
Docusource Premium Laser Private Brand
DocXpress Xerox
Domtar Color Copy Domtar Inc.
Domtar Copy Domtar Inc.
Domtar Inkjet Domtar Inc.
Domtar Laser Opaque Domtar Inc.
Domtar Multi-Purpose Domtar Inc.
Domtar Recycled Copy Domtar Inc.
Domtar Ultra Copy Domtar Inc.
E-Copy Private Brand
Eclipse Forms Bond Georgia-Pacific Papers (West Coast)
eColor Eastern Paper
Econosource Private Brand
Eureka! Office Papers Georgia-Pacific Papers (West Coast)
Exact Multipurpose Wausau Papers
Finch Color Copier Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Finch Laser Opaque Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
Finch Opaque Xerographic Finch Pruyn & Co. Inc.
First Choice Weyerhaeuser Co.
Fore MP International Paper Canada Inc.
Forms Bond Domtar Inc.
Fraser Brights Fraser Papers Inc.
Great White International Paper Canada Inc.
Hammermill Color Copy International Paper Canada Inc.
Hammermill Laser Print International Paper Canada Inc.
Husky Xero Copy Weyerhaeuser Co.
IBM Inkjet Boise Cascade
IBM Multipurpose Boise Cascade
IBM Premium Document Boise Cascade
IBM Premium Multipurpose Boise Cascade
IBM Recycled Boise Cascade
Ideal D.P. Private Brand
Image Print Multiuse Weyerhaeuser Co.
Imation Pre-Perfed Bond Imation Canada Inc.
Jet Print International Paper Canada Inc.
Micrform Private Brand
Microprint Color Copier Domtar Inc.
Microprint Copy Domtar Inc.
Neenah Bond Neenah Paper
Neenah Laser Neenah Paper
Neutech Color Copy Gilbert Paper Co.
New Life DP 100 Rolland Inc.
Notarized Paper Private Brand
Permalife Fox River Paper Co.
Plainfield Multipurpose Domtar Inc.
Precision Bond Private Brand
Relay M.P. International Paper Canada Inc.
Repro Plus Rolland Inc.
Rockland Multipurpose Bond Rolland Inc.
Rolland Laser Hi-Tech Rolland Inc.
Rolland Opaque Ink-Jet Rolland Inc.
Roosevelt Bond Private Brand
Security Cheque Spexel Inc.
Service Bond Rolland Inc.
Spectrum DP Domtar Inc.
Springhill Relay International Paper Canada Inc.
Visa Bond Private Brand
Weyerhaeuser Laser Copy Weyerhaeuser Co.
Weyerhaeuser Recycled Laser Copy Weyerhaeuser Co.
Worx Multipurpose Fraser Papers Inc.
Xerox 1524 Xerox
Xerox 4024 Xerox
Xerox Image Series Xerox
Xerox Pastel Xerox
Xerox Recycled Xerox
Xerox Solar Flare Xerox